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Efficient Supplier Diversity Solutions

Maintaining a diverse supply chain is an increasingly important practice in today’s economy. Whether your supplier diversity program is brand new or long-runninglong running, SupplierGATEWAY’s supplier diversity tools can dramatically improve your CSR and inclusion initiative. You’ll be able to search for and engage certified diverse suppliers, track your Tier-1 and Tier-2 diversity spend, and even view the impact of spend decisions on local, state, and national economies.

Tier-1 Spend Reporting

Reports let you easily track and analyze your spend with diverse businesses.
Supplier Diversity Reporting

Supplier Diversity Spend reporting is easier than ever with our Tier-1 diversity spend reporting tools. Take control of your Tier-1 spend through our integrated solutions.

Our Tier-1 dashboards allows you to record, report, and analyze supplier diversity spend with bussinesses that are minority-owned, woman-owned, veteran-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned, HUBZONE, LGBT, and more. Ad-Hoc reports give you flexibility and deeper insight into your supplier diversity spend numbers.

Our user-friendly Tier-1 software can be integrated with ERP systems increasing efficiency. There has never been an easier way to track and manage your supplier diversity initiative.

Tier-1 Spend Reporting

Tier-2 Spend Reporting

Make it easy on your primes to report their supplier diversity spend numbers.
Tier-2 Supplier Diversity Reporting

SupplierGATEWAY makes it easy for your prime suppliers to report their diverse spend. Our tools will automate and accelerate your Tier-2 Supplier Diversity program.

Whether you need standardized Tier-2 spend reporting or project-based Tier-2 spend reporting, we've got you covered. Our user-friendly Tier-2 software will help grow your supplier diversity program.

Get access to reports, dashboards, and consoles to manage your tier-2 supplier diversity program. Automated alerts and reminders keep your primes coming back to report, and increase the overall efficiency of your initiatives.

Tier-2 Spend Reporting
Tier-2 Supplier Diversity

Economic Impact

Predict the impact of your supplier diversity program on regional economies.
Economic Impact and Supplier Diversity Reporting

Run predictive analyses on your projected Economic Impact for any region (state, county, or a customized region). You'll gain insight to help you maximize the total economic output of your spend in that area, including jobs created, economic value output added, and tax impacts.

Stop waiting until after your organization has spent money to understand your economic impact. Instead, use our predictive tool to make the best procurement decisions ahead of time. We'll even suggest suppliers with a strong impact based on your project.

Economic Impact

Data Enrichment

Discover more from your vendor and spend data.
Supplier Diversity Data Enrichment

Our Supplier Data Discovery (“data scrubbing”) methodology satisfies two main objectives:

  1. Identifying diversity attributes for existing suppliers
  2. Verification & balidation of diversity information

This is accomplished using a multi-stage processing method to achieve the highest level of data accuracy as follows:

  • Supplier Data & Diversity Discovery - This activity involves search and matching algorithms compared with our internal database as well as external partner databases, totaling several million business records.

  • Supplier Research and Validation - By actively contacting suppliers to obtain proof of certification or diversity status.
Data Enrichment

Diverse Supplier Locator

Search Thousands of Certified Diverse Vendors
Vendor Due Diligence Software

Use keyword or advanced searches to search through our comprehensive database of certified diverse suppliers. Create lists to share or save for later. Invite suppliers to opportunities, and send them messages. Search for suppliers with various ownership categories, revenue, NAICS codes, UNSPSC codes, classifications, locations, and more.

Diverse Supplier Locator

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