Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the SupplierGATEWAY platform.


Who is SupplierGATEWAY?

SupplierGATEWAY is a leading cloud-based SaaS provider of innovative, instantly deployable, low-priced digital tools and solutions that make it easier for buyers and suppliers to do business.

For over 20 years, SupplierGATEWAY has been trusted in providing and hosting Supplier Registration sites for many Fortune 500 companies. SupplierGATEWAY has worked with clients in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, sports and entertainment, finance and banking, health sciences, engineering services, aerospace and defense – you name it – to pioneer and simplify supplier management systems.

We took a long hard look at the conventional wisdom that said world-class supply chain management software has to be expensive, slow and complicated – and we threw that out of the window. The result is our web and mobile-enabled digital platform that helps you get things done quickly, inexpensively, and easily.

How does SupplierGATEWAY work?

SupplierGATEWAY Supplier Data Management System (SDMS) helps buyers engage suppliers, collect critical capabilities, compliance and product data to support their sourcing, purchasing, supplier management, and compliance/reporting processes.

SupplierGATEWAY SDMS has arranged as a configurable software-as-a-service (SaaS) web-based application that is designed to meet your specific needs. Program parameters, business process workflows and data needs are all accommodated in a secure, robust solution set that can be deployed independently or quickly integrated into your information environment, including Master Data Management (MDM), ERP and Accounting systems.

SupplierGATEWAY grants buyers the platform to discover and create new business relationships with our extensive pool of suppliers. Both buyers and suppliers are able to seek one another out using SupplierGATEWAY applications and craft their experience according to their individual preferences. Your passion is your business, and our business is your success.

Do I need to be a buyer or supplier to use SupplierGATEWAY?

Yes, but you can actually be both! SupplierGATEWAY provides a platform for businesses and transactions between buyers and suppliers. Whatever function you seek taking, and whatever size of your company, this is the right place for you.

See the buyers and suppliers page to learn more about what SupplierGATEWAY offers and which applications are your best fit.

What is the cost of SupplierGATEWAY?

For buyers, our state-of-the-art apps can be purchased individually or in bundles that give you significant savings over already-low app prices. SupplierGATEWAY apps do not require long-term contracts, have no user limits and even come with a 30-day free trial.

Visit our pricing page to learn more.

For suppliers, you can register for SupplierGATEWAY free of cost! We offer a one-price point option for our suppliers to gain various tools and apps to maximize your business exposure in front of potential buyers.

Visit our supplier page to learn more.

I’m always busy. How do I access my SupplierGATEWAY portal on the go?

SupplierGATEWAY offers a free mobile app that allows you to access most of our online tools everywhere you go. Find us on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Do I need to purchase all of the applications?

No, while we have put together comprehensive suits of certain app bundles, you can pick and choose the apps that meet your needs.

However, we categorize our bundles according to desired functionality and recommend the suite version of an app grouping to our standard customers.

How do I know which apps will work the best for my supplier management needs?

Watch our demo or contact us to explore which apps are the most beneficial to you.

We created these applications to make your life as a buyer simple & easy, as such, we can also help you out in the decision-making process. We’ve categorized our apps based on function according to how they support Supplier Management, Procurement, and Supplier Diversity.


Will registering with SupplierGATEWAY put me in talks with the listed clients?

It’s definitely the first step! Free registration with SupplierGATEWAY will automatically make any supplier discoverable by our clients, both large and small. Registering with SupplierGATEWAY shows clients that you’re interested.

Subscribing to SupplierGATEWAY tells them that you’re serious. While we recommend that all of our suppliers subscribe to SupplierGATEWAY for increased data analyses and heightened exposure to our clients, it’s optional. Buyers from every industry and field of work are looking to find the perfect supplier, and you’re just a click away from that being you!

Click here to learn more.

What’s an SG Score®?

We calculate your score based on your financial risk and business strength, giving buyers a new way to view your business. Registering in the SupplierGATEWAY system and updating your profile can automatically boost your SG Score®, a business and financial risk evaluation tool used by buyers in the sourcing and vendor management process.

Click here to learn more about how to improve SG Score®.