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Sustainability Assessments and Reporting with SupplyShift, a Sphera Company

Understand the sustainability of your supply chain with our supply chain sustainability and compliance software.

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Supply Chain Sustainability Software

Get the Supply Chain Visibility Your Organization Needs

Understanding sustainability is crucial to ensuring resilient supply chains. Responsible sourcing is a complex issue that requires accurate, up-to-date data to guarantee that your supply chain’s sustainability is uncompromised and verifiable. 

When looking at the integrity of your suppliers, you must ask the right questions to get the right information. That’s why SupplierGateway has partnered with SupplyShift, a Sphera Company to take the guesswork out of sustainability reporting and help you uncover how responsible and sustainable your supply chain truly is.

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Supply Chain Sustainability Software

Enhance Supplier Performance with Sustainability Data

Our assessments are a fast and scalable way to gather ESG data from the suppliers that impact your supply chain the most.

supply chain sustainability assessments
Vendor Onboarding Best Practices
Supplier ESG Assessment

The Supplier ESG Assessment is a basic assessment of a company’s environmental, social, and governance policies and practices to help your organization better understand risk and help improve the social and environmental conditions that exist within your supply chain. The Supplier ESG Assessment covers all relevant risk and sustainability topics to give you the ultimate supply chain transparency.

Greenhouse Gas Leadership and Reporting Assessment

The GHG Leadership and Reporting Assessment helps your organization understand which suppliers are actively reducing GHG emissions and climate risk. This assessment looks at a supplier’s overall carbon emissions, how accurately a supplier measures, tracks, and reports their carbon footprint, what the supplier is doing to reduce GHG emissions, and whether the supplier has programs that can support ongoing GHG mitigation programs and emissions management.

supply chain sustainability assessments
Supplier DEI Assessment

Champion a diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) supply chain by better understanding your supplier’s DEI initiatives. With insights into existing DEI commitment statements or policies, which suppliers have a diverse supplier status, and a supplier DEI program that promotes diversity in their supply chain, your organization can decide how to strategically engage with suppliers regarding DEI.

Vendor Onboarding Best Practices
Human Rights Compliance Assessment

Address modern slavery and human trafficking in your supply chain. This assessment is specifically informed by modern slavery legislation in Germany, UK, France, Australia, and California and helps you dig deeper into the labor practices of your suppliers. Go beyond compliance in a meaningful way, exposing and addressing any modern slavery and human trafficking in your supply chain.

See How Simple Supply Chain Transparency Can Be.

ESG Supply Chain Software Pricing

Sustainability Assessments and Reporting

Our Sustainability Assessments and Reporting are priced to scale with the level of ESG transparency your organization needs. Get assessments that are constantly updated by legal experts so that your organization can easily comply with new and evolving regulations and avoid harsh penalties.

Sustainability Assessments
What's Included:
100 Assessments
Supply Chain Overview Dashboard
Individual Supplier Assessment Reports
SupplyShift Portal for Additional Transparency*
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Learn About Sustainability Assessments

What is supply chain sustainability software?

Supply chain sustainability software is a tool designed to help businesses manage and improve the environmental, social, and economic aspects of their supply chain. It focuses on reducing carbon footprint, optimizing resource use, ensuring supplier sustainability practices, maintaining compliance with regulations, promoting waste reduction and recycling, supporting ethical sourcing, managing risks, and providing data analysis for informed decision-making.

What is an example of sustainability in supply chain management?

An example of sustainability in supply chain management is a company implementing a green logistics program. This includes using eco-friendly packaging, energy-efficient transportation, selecting suppliers with sustainable practices, reducing waste, tracking and minimizing the carbon footprint, and sourcing materials locally. These actions help reduce environmental impact, improve efficiency, and enhance the company’s reputation for sustainability.

What’s the difference between your assessments and EcoVadis?

Ecovadis’ model does not allow third-party partners like SupplyShift and SupplierGATEWAY to be the single point of contact for managing supplier ESG data. Buyers must sign a contract with EcoVadis regarding any supplier data accessed. This means if you want information on 100 suppliers from EcoVadis, you will have to sign 100 different contracts. EcoVadis also charges each supplier anytime the data is shared. 

The model SupplierGATEWAY and SupplyShift have created together allows you to access ESG data for your entire supply chain from a single point of entry through the SupplierGATEWAY system. If you require additional levels of supply chain transparency, that can be provided via the SupplyShift portal for an additional one-time cost.

Can I purchase more than 100 assessments?

You can purchase as many assessments as necessary. Our prices for 101+ assessments are significantly reduced to help you get the most transparency possible.