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Comprehensive Solutions for Efficient Supplier Information Management

Our supplier information management platform seamlessly integrates with your enterprise procurement software. Eliminate data silos and get the supplier information you need when you need it.

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Demystify Your Supply Chain

Getting accurate supplier information into your procurement management software is tedious and time-consuming. We’re here to change that.

SupplierGATEWAY understands the frustration of managing data silos and spending valuable time on manual supplier information entry. 

By centralizing supplier information and streamlining data entry procedures, your whole company, not just your procurement team, can bid farewell to scattered information sources and tedious manual input. 

Our platform’s user-friendly interface makes training your team easy. Seamless integration capabilities ensure accurate supplier information across your current systems. Robust scalability and unlimited seat licenses mean SupplierGATEWAY supports your company’s growth when you’re ready.

Experience a comprehensive solution that not only enhances efficiency in your procurement processes but also ensures accurate and easily accessible supplier information company-wide. 

Stop waiting for emails with updated supplier information. 

Stop searching the internet for missing supplier data. 

Eliminate data silos, enhance cost-savings, and integrate supplier information management directly into your procurement process.

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Use Cases

Increase supplier visibility and supply chain transparency with our supplier information management platform.

Supplier Onboarding and Offboarding
Supplier Diversity
Sustainability Assessments and Reporting
Procure to Pay
data enrichment
Supplier Onboarding and Offboarding

Reducing risk for your business is an absolute necessity, but the ever-increasing need for new suppliers and multi-sourcing exposes you to ever-increasing risk. 

Mitigate your risk from the start with effective supplier onboarding that doesn’t slow down your business. Capture and organize supplier compliance management documents intuitively. Get notified of risks that suppliers pose, like bankruptcy, liens, and other financial and legal risks. When your relationship ends, offboard suppliers in compliance with your company’s policies to close the supplier relationship lifecycle loop.

Reduce risk and increase security without grinding your business to a halt.

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Supplier Diversity

In today’s environment, supplier diversity has become more important than ever. While diversifying your supply chain is certainly the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing to do. Diverse supply chains save your business time and money while increasing your ability to recover from supply disruptions. 

Our Supplier Diversity Software allows your company to effectively track and report Tier-1 spend, Tier-2 spend, and Economic Impact without a new IT project or an entirely new department.

Save time, money, and frustration. Stop fighting with spreadsheets and start utilizing the power of your data.

supply chain sustainability assessments
Sustainability Assessments and Reporting

“Sustainability” is no longer simply a buzzword.

Due to legal, environmental, and economic shifts, understanding the sustainability of your supply chain is more important than ever. This is no simple task, which is why we’ve partnered with SupplyShift to take the guesswork out of sustainability reporting.

Understand just how sustainable your supply chain is through our ESG, GHG Emissions, DEI, and Human Rights assessments. We’ll ask the tough questions and report back with an easy-to-understand score and report that you can use to engage your suppliers and create tangible change in your supply chain.

procure to pay solutions
Procure to Pay

Organize your procurement and purchasing department with our powerful procurement software for small and mid-size businesses. 

Automate and streamline your processes and save your company time and money. Organize prequalified suppliers for efficiency and transparency.

Source your suppliers directly from within the SupplierGATEWAY system. Quickly search over 5 million suppliers based on locality, industry, and keywords. Manage vendor bidding, purchase orders, and vendor payment all from one intuitive, easy-to-use platform. Get 1.5% cash back just for paying suppliers when you use SG Pay.

Supplier Information Management

Go Beyond Your Enterprise Procurement Software’s Limits

Get the data you need, when you need it. Comprehensive supplier information management for your entire company, not just the procurement department.
Save Time
Stop fighting with spreadsheets and chasing down suppliers. Get supplier information up-front during onboarding & instantly share information across departments.
Scale Your Operations
With no seat license fees and no limits on supplier record numbers, it’s easy to grow your supplier network.
Reduce Risk
Onboard 100% of your suppliers according to policy, and manage supplier risk through the entire supplier lifecycle.
Enhance Your Procurement Processes

Supplier Information Management for Enterprises

Our Enterprise Supplier Information Management platform helps your company do more than just enhance procurement processes.

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Unlimited Scalability

Our cloud-based platform means scaling your supplier information management program is only limited by your organization’s growth. Enable information access across multiple business units, satellite locations, and more.

Seamless Data Flow

Our platform integrates with your current ERP/AP systems and can be your single-source of supplier information company-wide. Enhance any process that relies on supplier information, not just procurement processes.

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Expert Results

Get expert results and reporting capabilities from non-expert users. Our user-friendly interface makes training users fast and easy, no matter their technical skill level.

Tailored Experiences

With customizable supplier onboarding workflows, you can give your suppliers the onboarding experience they deserve while helping your team reduce the time it takes to onboard suppliers.

Always Secure

SupplierGATEWAY is SOC II Type 2 Certified as well as ISO/IEC 27001 Certified. We are proud to hold these certifications that show just how seriously we take your data security.

Streamline supplier information management today.

Our Customers
Adopting SupplierGateway’s platform transformed VHB’s supplier onboarding, turning a cumbersome manual process into an efficient, accurate system. It’s streamlined our operations, improving data accuracy and enabling effective diversity reporting. This change has significantly boosted our operational efficiency and strategic focus. A genuine game-changer for managing compliance and promoting diversity in our supply chain.
Jamie Jacobs
IT Business Analyst, VHB
Prologis recognizes the importance of diversifying our supply chain as a value added business practice to strengthen our competitive position and meaningfully impact the diverse communities we serve. This year, we have made significant progress in building our own supplier diversity program using the SupplierGateway platform. We are proud to be building alongside our peers and partners in the CREDS consortium to collaborate and make progress together as an industry.
Dani Jaffee
VP Procurement, Prologis
SupplierGateway’s platform has been critical to the Supplier Diversity program at Giant Eagle. Data enrichment has helped us identify new diverse suppliers, and we’ve leveraged the extensive supplier database to find new suppliers that support our company’s needs. Single sign-on also makes accessing the platform easy for all our team members. Giant Eagle is grateful to have this easy-to-use platform at our fingertips as our program grows!
Jenn Bejin
Senior Manager Vendor Partnerships Supplier Diversity and Strategy, Giant Eagle
Onboarding with SupplierGateway has significantly reduced our manual processes and increased our data security across our AP department. I’d highly recommend the SupplierGateway platform to anyone looking to streamline their supplier onboarding processes.
Kristin Thompson
Senior Accounts Payable Specialist, RTI International
At a fraction of the cost of the nearest competitor, SupplierGateway delivered results that gave our team a command of our supplier diversity program. We ultimately increased our diversity spend by 52%, year over year. This powerful platform is easy to use, reliable, and affordable. I highly recommend it.
Michael McCullough
SVP, Supply Chain, WellStar Health System
How we help

Supplier Information Management for Enterprise Procurement

What is enterprise procurement?

Enterprise procurement is the process of purchasing goods or services from vendors through a centralized purchasing system. Enterprise procurement can be used to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and enhance supplier relationships.

What is enterprise procurement software?

Enterprise procurement software is any kind of program or software that enables an organization to automate and execute procurement processes. These processes include sourcing suppliers, purchasing, order management, inventory management, supplier information management, invoice management, contract management, cash flow management, and more. Most procurement software is highly specialized and often only encompasses one or a few areas of the procurement process.

What is supplier information management?

Supplier information management is a system of collecting, storing, accessing, and updating supplier or vendor information. It is a critical part of enterprise procurement, and is most efficient when it is integrated into an online portal that allows suppliers to self-service their own onboarding, profile maintenance, and other risk-reduction activities.

Does the SupplierGateway platform integrate with my company’s ERP/AP systems?

Yes, our platform integrates with all of your current systems through API.