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Supplier Onboarding Software

Manage the entire supplier lifecycle from onboarding to offboarding.

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Supplier Onboarding Software

Stop dealing with manual and siloed vendor onboarding processes. Create a single source of truth for your entire organization.

We know how painfully time-consuming and expensive the vendor onboarding process is.

Piecing together supplier information from emails and spreadsheets is time-consuming and reinforces information silos. Specialized IT projects are expensive and often incomplete in scope. ERP system add-ons are cost-prohibitive and don’t effectively engage suppliers.

Get supplier onboarding software that reduces friction for all suppliers, helps ensure your organization’s compliance measures, and creates a single source of truth for supplier information that’s accessible to every department in your company.

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Streamlined Vendor Onboarding

Self-Service Supplier Onboarding For Your Entire Organization.

Stop chasing suppliers for critical information. Increase supplier compliance while eliminating data silos with a flexible self-service supplier onboarding portal that’s faster and easier for everyone.

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Centralize Supplier Information Company-wide

Eliminate data silos with a single source of truth for your supplier information. Seamlessly integrate supplier onboarding data from your portal into your ERP/AP system for uniform supplier data across your entire enterprise.

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Create Custom Supplier Onboarding Experiences

Create onboarding experiences specific to the supplier and make the onboarding process more efficient for your team and your suppliers.

Easily Manage Risk and Increase Supplier Compliance

Reduce risk by building compliance measures into your onboarding process. Get the information you need to ensure compliance and easily share it with everyone who needs it.

Keep Supplier Information Relevant and Up-to-date

Reduce your organization’s risk and keep supplier documentation organized and easy to access. Automate expiration alerts and ensure your suppliers always have relevant, up-to-date information, compliance, and certification documents on file.

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Prologis recognizes the importance of diversifying our supply chain as a value added business practice to strengthen our competitive position and meaningfully impact the diverse communities we serve. This year, we have made significant progress in building our own supplier diversity program using the SupplierGateway platform. We are proud to be building alongside our peers and partners in the CREDS consortium to collaborate and make progress together as an industry.
Dani Jaffee
VP Procurement, Prologis
SupplierGateway’s platform has been critical to the Supplier Diversity program at Giant Eagle. Data enrichment has helped us identify new diverse suppliers, and we’ve leveraged the extensive supplier database to find new suppliers that support our company’s needs. Single sign-on also makes accessing the platform easy for all our team members. Giant Eagle is grateful to have this easy-to-use platform at our fingertips as our program grows!
Jenn Bejin
Senior Manager Vendor Partnerships Supplier Diversity and Strategy, Giant Eagle
I didn’t understand what benefits being diversity-certified brought to the business itself. I know I’m Black. Now, so many companies have diversity initiatives, and that’s why we were contacted by our most recent Fortune 500 client. We would have never gotten connected with this particular Fortune 500 company if it hadn’t been for the SupplierGateway platform and our Enhanced Digital Certification.
Brian Williams
Owner, Perspectivity International
Supplier Onboarding Software Pricing

Supplier Onboarding and Offboarding

Accessible pricing, always.

At SupplierGateway, we believe in up-front pricing transparency. You’ll never be surprised with additional onboarding fees or seat license fees. We’re dedicated to your success, not to paying back investors or shareholders.

More About Vendor Onboarding

Understand Supplier Onboarding and Offboarding

What is supplier onboarding software?

Supplier onboarding software helps your organization digitally collect information about potential suppliers, evaluate the information, and evaluate risk and compliance in regards to a supplier. Supplier onboarding software like SupplierGATEWAY’s Onboarding and Offboarding platform integrates with your company’s other systems, allowing supplier information collected during onboarding to be accessible across your entire organization.

What is the onboarding process for suppliers?

The onboarding process for suppliers may vary slightly from vendor to vendor, but generally speaking, the supplier onboarding process consists of the following steps:

  1. Collect supplier information like business details, product catalogs, pricing, compliance documents and any other important information your business requires.
  2. Once information is collected, a risk and compliance assessment is done to ensure that a potential supplier poses the lowest amount of risk to your business.
  3. Train and educate suppliers about your company’s internal processes, workflows, and tools regarding purchase orders, invoicing and payments, and more.
How does SupplierGateway protect valuable supplier information?

SupplierGATEWAY is SOC II Type 2 Certified as well as ISO/IEC 27001 certified. We are proud to hold these certifications that show just how seriously we take our clients’ data security. If you want to know more about our data handling, please see our Global Data Processing Addendum here.

Does your Supplier Onboarding and Offboarding platform integrate with my organization’s ERP/AP/other systems?

Absolutely. Our supplier onboarding software seamlessly integrates with your organization’s systems via API, guaranteeing supplier information is accurate across your entire organization.