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4 Tools You Should Be Using to Increase Your Visibility and Win New Business

Leanne Strickler
Published February 04, 2021

If you’re looking to land more customers, or maybe target a big one, you will need to increase your business visibility in front of potential clients. According to Forrester, up to 90 percent of a buyer’s journey is complete before they begin reaching out to a vendor. With stiff competition in e-commerce and constant access to the Internet where buyers can source products or services online before buying, boosting your brand visibility is critical to quickly approach buyers.

There are many ways in which companies can find and retain clients. This article will list four main tools you can utilize to optimize your online presence and increase the chance to make it on the buyer’s shortlist.

  1. Customer Review and Rating:

A study by G2 shows that 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review. As the digital age evolved, trusted business reviews influence potential buyers at every stage, from consideration and up until they make a final decision. To evaluate and select the best possible potential suppliers in a pool of thousand suppliers, buyers consider the rating score (if applicable) and past clients’ experiences to determine if your business fits what they need.

To make things easier, our platform shows both SG Score and reviews & ratings to help buyers make decisions smarter and quicker. Therefore, it’s crucial for you, as a supplier, to gather reviews from your customer base on our platform.

Tip: Your business gets ranked higher in the buyer search result if the profile has SG Check® validation, which is a seal of approval and instills more confidence in buyers.

  1.  Highlight Your Products and Achievements:

Beyond the internal factors such as products, services, quality and professionalism, knowing the market inside out and good timing are also essential. Many buyers have experienced talking to suppliers showing a lack of research and bombardment with calls and emails. In fact, bombarding buyers with product samples can backfire, as they don’t have enough storage space to fill your samples. The best way to get on a buyer’s radar is to grab their attention by highlighting your products, services and achievements within the first few sentences.

After completing your business profile, our system intuitively highlights your business capabilities, achievements and specialties. We also get you matched with the right potential buyers once they look for new suppliers. When the right opportunity presents itself, you will get notifications and submit your response.

  1.  Website:

As you may know, simply having a website isn’t applied to the digital age, where many competitors are trying to impress your potential clients. No matter your target market, having a professional website that looks great and lists details of your products and services is necessary.

Additionally, the website design needs to be customized, interactive and professional, which could help optimize search engines and user experiences. Search engine optimization (SEO) is now an essential step in boosting and maintaining your digital brand presence.

In the SupplierGATEWAY platform, we list vendors and put your profile in front of potential clients with all information and, of course – a business website included. Buyers in our network tend to visit the vendor’s website before deciding if your solutions meet their needs.

  1.  Certifications:

Early in the buyer process, buyers typically evaluate your website to assess if they should take the next step with you. Next, buyers also want to know what certifications you have had and whether it’s valid. Beyond a list of certification numbers, can buyers view and download your certifications online? Are your certifications up-to-date at all times?  If the answer is yes, you’re one step closer to a chance of being marked.

As a registered supplier in the SupplierGATEWAY network, you can download and update your certifications easily and conveniently. Buyers in our network have the capabilities to filter suppliers by industry-standard codes, like NAICS and UNSPC. The more details you claim for your business, the more chances you get noticed from potential buyers.

About us:

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