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Supplier Feature: NiaG

Leanne Strickler
Published April 16, 2024
Nia Gordon

Are you tired of the 9-to-5 grind? Do you dream of fully capitalizing on your talent and working on your own terms? Look no further than the inspiring story of Nia Gordon, a freelance graphic designer who turned her passion into a successful business.

Having just graduated from SCAD, Nia started her career working in corporate. During this time, she continued to further her skills with sporadic projects found on various freelance websites. Over just one year, Nia’s talent combined with SupplierGateway gained her some of the biggest names in her portfolio and booked up her schedule with projects full-time.

SupplierGateway’s platform and Enhanced Diversity Certification helped buyers find Nia, instead of Nia having to hunt for better contracts.

NiaG, run by Nia Gordon, is a women-owned, minority-owned business that delivers exceptional quality. Nia needed a platform that matched her identity and ambition, and a colleague recommended she list her business on the SupplierGateway platform. The platform provides her with a level playing field where her company is judged solely on talent and results.

Nia’s breakthrough came when she secured her first big client in the luxury brand world—Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH). This was a huge milestone for her and her business, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the opportunity provided by SupplierGateway. The platform allowed Nia to showcase her work to an audience with a higher level of needs, and the exposure led to this critical business deal.

The projects Nia received through SupplierGateway had four times the dollar amount of other projects she acquired from different channels. The recurring business from SupplierGateway clients also more than doubled other clients acquired from other channels. She continues to collect dividends from the network gained through SupplierGateway’s Enhanced Digital Certification, relieving the stress and time a typical solopreneur usually invests in acquiring business. Now, Nia has more time and energy to do what she loves and ensure her business reaches its full potential.

Nia explains— “Without SupplierGateway, I would not have secured this opportunity. I highly recommend SupplierGateway for any freelancer looking to take their venture to the next level. It is less hustle, more opportunities.”

LVMH, a client on the buyer side of SupplierGateway, uses the platform and EDC to accomplish the company’s inclusion and diversity goals.

One of LVMH’s buyers says: “When we needed to find talent, SupplierGateway was a very easy to use platform. The EDC certification helps us find diverse talent easily. The certification and the platform were a great matchmaking tool for us. We loved Nia and her work for Moet Hennessy so much that we continue to refer her to other brands in our network.