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BloomNet + SupplierGateway Certification Partnership

Leanne Strickler
Published April 16, 2024

SupplierGateway and BloomNet® are pleased to announce a partnership to continue promoting the growth of small businesses. The partnership will leverage SupplierGateway’s Enhanced Digital Certification™ (EDC) to facilitate the certification of small and diverse-owned businesses, which include women, people of color, U.S. veterans, entrepreneurs with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ owners.

“Our vision is centered around creating significant local economic impact. BloomNet® Members, many of whom are local, diverse, and small business owners, are a perfect fit for this initiative. In the realm of floral and gourmet food gifting, no one provides higher quality and service than local businesses can. BloomNet® Members’ commitment to excellence and personalized service sets them apart. We strive to empower these businesses, preparing them to win contracts with buyers within our network. This approach supports these businesses and stimulates the local economy” said Dawn Hoang, our Head of Supplier Product at SupplierGateway.

The BloomNet® and SupplierGateway partnership is at the heart of this vision. This collaboration is how we connect BloomNet® Members and empower local businesses. Through this strategic partnership, we can maximize local economic impact and foster growth and prosperity.

See what buyers and sellers have to say about EDC:

“ The Enhanced Digital Certification helped our products stand out to consumers and attracted corporate buyers to our business. Though we are proud of the quality and uniqueness of our products, we recognize that the ‘Small Women-Owned’ badge caught the attention of our target customers. This certification also qualified us for small business resource programs by Amazon, Lowes, and more, providing us with valuable marketing resources at no cost,” – said Seller Natalie Valdes of CreationsbyNatalie.

CreationsbyNatalie is a floral arrangements and terrarium kit business that is certified by SupplierGateway EDC as a small, woman—and Latina-owned business.

“We highly prioritize diverse vendors certified by a credible third party such as SupplierGateway Enhanced Digital Certification. Certification is crucial for our auditing process.” – said buyer Arielle Pierre, LVMH.

ABOUT BloomNet®

As a world-class business solutions provider and a leading industry innovator, BloomNet® is committed to ensuring that florists have the best technology, the most comprehensive education, the finest products, and the highest levels of service and support.

BloomNet® Diversity Program

The BloomNet® Diversity Program is designed to identify and celebrate diversity-owned businesses within the BloomNet® network. As a part of the program, members will have various opportunities to highlight their uniqueness, network, and inspire customers.

Click here to learn more about BloomNet’s Diversity Program.