Taking the pain out of managing your Tier-2 program

Leanne Strickler

Do you currently have Tier-2 Program software in place, yet somehow are still doing manual work to track additional reporting requirements? 

Diversity compliance reporting has always been a challenge – requiring organizations to keep track of supplier participation, and the completeness and accuracy of supplier reports. As though that wasn’t enough, there are always deadlines to meet and following up with a large group of suppliers can sometimes feel like herding cats! 

The good news is an instant-on solution that can help take the pain out of Tier-2 and give you back the time you need to truly manage and influence your suppliers. Here are just a few of the system capabilities to make your reporting challenge easier

  • Multiple reminders and alerts to reporting Primes.
  • Enforcement of rules to identify auditable direct spend
  • Collection of contract counts by supplier
  • Automated checks to prevent errors
  • Performance dashboard to monitor submissions
  • On demand download including all the data needed for reporting
  • Available Concierge Service to follow up for you!

And we’re not done yet – soon you will be able to take advantage of our built in benchmarking to compare your Diversity Return On Investment (DROI) with your peers, and even collect the qualitative best efforts data that you need to get a full picture of how your Prime suppliers are supporting your Diversity initiatives..

For more information about Tier-2 Reporting in SupplierGATEWAY please visit our website If you’re ready to get started, sign up now and activate your reporting system.

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