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Streamlined Supplier Sourcing, Enhanced Onboarding, and Tier-2 Improvements

Leanne Strickler
Published August 31, 2020

Increased Efficiency in Supplier Onboarding Workflows

To get the maximum benefit of our workflow tools, we have enhanced the options for managing incoming requests. By using the new reassignment option, misrouted or misclassified applications requests can quickly be routed to the correct buyer, securely but with the same auditable trail that characterizes the rest of the workflow. This enhancement reduces delays, optimizes the critical knowledge that buyers often have about internal business processes, and ensures that your processes are fully optimized, even when unplanned events such as misclassification occurs.

Streamlined Supplier Sourcing

The current social and economic climate has made competitive pricing and inclusive sourcing a must for organizations looking to succeed in the “new normal”. However, this new reality threatens to impact processes and create bottlenecks as buyers struggle to identify sources, then obtain competitive pricing, all in a short time and with limited resources. Our newest upgrade to opportunity posting tool has seamlessly integrated sourcing capability with the powerful bid tools. This system enhancement further streamlines the supplier sourcing process by eliminating the gap between posting and bid activities, and the transition from identifying sources to securing actionable pricing and proposals can be reduced from tedious and challenging tasks over several weeks to simple easy steps that can be completed in just minutes.

Enhanced Tier-2 Diversity Reporting

Better for Primes
We have implemented important updates to our Tier-2 reporting tools to make it easier for Primes with a large number of suppliers to report their Tier-2 spend. The new updates feature the convenience of a downloadable worksheet with diverse suppliers already populated so that Primes can simply enter Tier-2 spend dollars, and upload back into the system to meet reporting requirements.

Better for Buyers
In response to a popular request by organizations that track Tier-2 spend using supplier classifications, this month’s release includes updates to the reporting dashboard to analyze and identify Tier-2 spend by Prime supplier category. This important change will make it possible for programs to quickly understand which types of suppliers are driving the most inclusion and impact at the 2nd tier levels and gives program managers an additional tool to refine their efforts.