How do your expectations change when it becomes easier to adopt new supply chain solutions?


This Is Supposed To Take… Months

Rolling out an enterprise computing project will scramble nerves and demand long hours, given the traditionally high rate of integration failure. Rollbacks are more than embarrassing; they can break a career.

Interoperability is answering this problem. It’s becoming easier to quickly stitch together comprehensive, secure systems built from different standardized tools, bypassing multi-year timelines for traditional integration projects.

Now, customers may want an enterprise system using cloud infrastructure they can deploy rapidly with low risk, low cost, and the same utility as a traditional enterprise system.

What does this actually mean for the customer? Having the capability to do something quickly is one thing; having the vision to use it to create a competitive advantage is entirely different.


  • Efficiency – The impact of the technology should create more opportunity to focus on program goals.
  • Expectation – Contemporary adoption of technology dictates that the user experience should get easier and easier over time – even if the task itself is still complex.

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