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Connect your ERP and AP systems with SupplierGATEWAY.

Supplier Data Integrations App Software

Supplier API

Access and manage suppliers through our REST API. Supplier data includes company info, supplier status, contact information, and more.

Purchase Order API

Create, view, and manage purchase orders through our REST API. Automatically deliver POs to suppliers through the supplier portal using existing systems.

Dynamic Forms API

Access supplier submitted data from your customized dynamic supplier registration forms.

Invoice API

Manage invoice statuses through our REST API. Keep suppliers up-to-date on their invoices in the supplier portal, while continuing to use existing systems.

Spend API

Manage organizational spend, including supplier diversity spend, through our REST API.

Product API

Capture product data in the supplier portal and integrate it to existing systems through our REST API.

Supplier Data Integrations App Software

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