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Tier-2 Supplier Diversity

Automated Tier-2 Supplier Diversity Reporting & Management Tools

Track and manage your Tier-2 supplier diversity spend with SupplierGATEWAY. Set grace periods for your prime suppliers to report their diversity spend. Track spend by category or by supplier. Lock and unlock prime supplier Tier-2 reports to ensure accurate data never changes. Our Tier-2 supplier diversity reporting software facilitates some of the largest Tier-2 supplier diversity programs in the world.

Flexible Options

Reporting periods and formats are set to your preferences.

Fully Automated

Automated alerts and reminders will free up your time to focus on what counts.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

Easily run ad-hoc reports and save them for later.

Designed for Primes

Our user friendly interface makes it easy for primes to report Tier-2 diversity spend.

Administrative Tools

Lock and unlock reports, gain visibilty, and increase engagement with your prime suppliers.

Support on Standby

Our support team is always ready to help you and your suppliers.

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