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Supplier Vetting

Supplier Vetting Tools for Supplier Compliance

Reduce supply chain risk exposure by properly vetting your current and potential suppliers. We automatically run TIN and VAT checks to ensure your suppliers are safe to do business with. Supplier vetting is a cost-effective solution that could end up saving you thousands or more.

TIN/VAT Validation

US and EU suppliers are automatically validated via their TIN or VAT number upon registration.

25+ Registration Checks

We check your supplier against OFAC, EPLS, FBI lists, and more when they register.

Internal Review

Suppliers may receive internal reviews from your team at any time.

Vendor Flagging

Create custom flags for your vendors that only your team can see.

Credit Reports

Pull Experian business credit reports on your suppliers with one click.


Suppliers can be pre-qualified and vetted based on custom, client-specific requirements.

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