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Supplier Sourcing

Searchable Global Supplier Database

Strategic supplier sourcing solutions give your sourcing team an easy-to-use tool to locate and engage suppliers around the world in an instant. You'll gain access to millions of suppliers with a broad range of capabilities. Search for specific diversity classifications, NAICS codes, locations, and much more. Build lists of suppliers, match them to opportunities, or save them for later.

Keyword Search

Quickly identify suppliers through our strategic sourcing keyword search tool.

Millions of Suppliers

Search millions of suppliers and identify the best fit for your next opportunity.


Search for NAICS and UNSPSC Codes to source suppliers.

Advanced Search

Advanced search lets your strategic sourcing team identify the ideal vendor in any industry.

Supplier Lists

Build lists of suppliers for future opportunities, and strategic sourcing requests.

Post Opportunities

Get matched with suppliers by posting targeted strategic sourcing opportunities.

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