Certification as a Service

Certify businesses quickly with our technical infrastructure and know-how.

Allow Your Agency or Organization to Certify Businesses Quickly and Easily

SupplierGATEWAY offers Certification as a Service (CaaS) for agencies and associations that want to certify businesses without creating the technical infrastructure.

SupplierGATEWAY CaaS uses our proprietary software to automate much of the certification process, so the association can focus on the final, interpersonal stages of the approval process.

The result? The fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to certify women-owned businesses in your home country.

Our Entirely Online Process Makes it Easy for Your Applicants To Get Started

Our CaaS workflow is entirely online. This portion of your application process takes 15 minutes for applicants to complete. You decide what questions to ask, and what documents and attestations you require without creating expensive and complex infrastructure.

Once our system verifies the information, we send the applicant back to you to continue on with the application process.

Approval in 72 Hours

Once certified, partners can check the status of your certification anytime by simply scanning your QR code to see your certificate.

Why Trust SupplierGATEWAY with Your Certification Program?

Global brands like Amazon, Cargill, Louis Vuitton, NIKE, and Unilever trust our platform with their supplier information management needs.

SupplierGATEWAY is a leading supplier information software company, offering Supplier Diversity, Supplier Onboarding/Offboarding, Supplier Sustainability, and Supplier Payments.

SupplierGATEWAY has already certified over thousands of companies globally on our CaaS platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sole Proprietorship

Any one of the following as applies to your organization:

  • Schedule C of owner’s tax return (most recent)
  • Fictitious Business Name Statement (if a DBA is being used)
    IRS Form SS4 (if in business less than a year)
  • IRS LTR 147C – EIN Verification Letter (if in business less than a year)
  • Active business license showing the owner’s name or DBA

Limited Liability Company

Any one of the following as applies to your organization:

  • Articles of Organization/Certificate of Formation
  • Operating Agreement (fully executed)
  • Certificate of Filing (actual form, not the certificate page)
  • Initial Resolutions (fully executed)
  • Statement of Information
  • IRS SS4 (Sole Member only)
  • Diversity Certification from NMSDC, WBENC, NGLCC, USBLN, NaVOBA or NVBDC


Any one of the following as applies to your organization:

  • Articles of Incorporation with the stock information included
  • Form 1120 of corporation tax returns (most recent)
  • Active diversity certification from NMSDC, WBENC, NGLCC, USBLN, NaVOBA or NVBDC


Any one of the following as applies to your organization:

  • Stock Ownership documents
  • Liquor License applications
  • Financial contributions statement
  • Contract agreements (small businesses without share certificates)
  • Active diversity certification from NMSDC, WBENC, NGLCC, USBLN, NaVOBA or NVBDC

Any bonafide US Citizen or Resident Owned Business that is 51% owned, managed and controlled by one or more of the included diversity categories (Minority, Woman, Veteran, Disability, LGBT) is eligible to get certified. 

Non-US EDC Certification categories will be added in the near future, but EDC is also currently available in Nigeria, Kenya, Canada, and the UK. Qualifications vary depending on country, and this will be updated to reflect those qualifications in the near future.

The EDC process recognizes all types of diverse businesses including minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, LGBT-owned and disability-owned businesses.

No. Renewal is not automatic but will take a few minutes to renew, just as the initial certification does. The process needs an update of all documents’ required submittal, renewal of attestations and the digital identity verification process.

You will be notified by email when your certification is due for renewal, and you will not be able to begin the renewal process until you have received that email.

If your business does not pass the criteria and therefore is not issued a certification, SupplierGATEWAY will refund your business 50% of the application fee. This does not apply to those who are premium subscribers or paid by corporate sponsors.

Most of your questions about EDC are answered  here.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, support requests can be made here.

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