Vendor Vetting

On-demand vendor vetting and risk assessments. Do your due diligence and reduce risk in your supply chain.

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Robust vendor vetting

Leverage the vendor vetting feature of our supplier management software to uncover potential legal and financial risks with existing and potential suppliers. Create your own combinations of our various vendor vetting components for various types of suppliers and situations.

Gain deep insights into supplier potential legal and financial risk.

Don’t make the mistake of entering into a new relationship with out proper vendor vetting practices.

Custom Vetting Types

Create your own combinations of our various vetting components for various types of suppliers and situations.

TIN/VAT Validation

US and EU suppliers are automatically validated via their TIN or VAT number upon registration.

Risk & Sanctions List Checks

Check your supplier against 30+ OFAC, EPLS, FBI lists, and more.

Experian® Business IQ Reports

Easily pull Experian® Business IQ Reports on suppliers and gain deep insights into their potential legal and financial risk.

Build your own vendor vetting requirements

The SupplierGATEWAY supplier vetting and due diligence app allows you to build your own combinations of our vetting components, ensuring you have the right vetting strategy for all types of suppliers.

Supplier Management Software


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Supplier Onboarding
Compliance Document Center
Compliance Monitoring
API Data Integration
Vendor Credentialing
Supplier Vetting (Add-on)
Risk Monitoring (Add-on)

features and add-ons

Supplier Onboarding

Get the data and documents you need from new suppliers then process them through custom review and approval workflows.

Compliance Monitoring

Monitor supplier compliance across the board. Reduce your supply risk with deeper insights.

Supplier Vetting & Due Diligence

Review LexisNexis® reports, Experian® reports, compliance documents, risk checks, and more from prospective and existing suppliers.

Compliance Document Center

Keep suppliers in compliance and ensure you always have the documents you need from them using the compliance document center.

Risk Monitoring

Avoid unpleasant surprises and supply chain disruption by monitoring supplier legal and financial risk.


Manage onsite visits/meetings from suppliers through online badging and credentialing tools.

Data Integrations (APIs)

Keep your master ERP and AP systems in sync with SupplierGATEWAY through our various REST APIs.

Build your ultimate supplier management tool