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Use the diverse supplier search feature of our Supplier Diversity Software and find certified diverse suppliers.

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Easily find and engage diverse suppliers around the world

Being proactive about your supplier diversity program means you need to be on the hunt for new small and diverse suppliers as opportunities continue to arise. The SupplierGATEWAY diverse supplier search app is the perfect tool to find suppliers locally or globally in virtually every industry.

With advanced search filters, you’ll be able to effortlessly pinpoint the perfect small and diverse suppliers that meet your specific parameters.

You can even set your own custom local search area to find small and diverse suppliers in your own service area or neighborhood!

Global Search

Search for hundreds of thousands of suppliers located around the world.

Local Search

Set your custom local search area, and find suppliers in your neighborhood!

Advanced Search

Narrow down your search results with powerful search filters, including diversity filters.

Create & Share Lists

Create lists of suppliers, download them, and/or share them with team members.

The perfect supplier awaits

Use the advanced search feature of the diverse supplier search app to narrow your search results down by industry, location, diversity classification, ethnicity, certifications, and much more.

Supplier Diversity Software


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Tier-1 Diversity Reporting
Amazon Business Diversity Reporting
Tier-2 Diversity Reporting
Project Diversity Reporting
Diverse Supplier Search
Diversity Data Enrichment
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features and add-ons

Tier-1 Diversity Tracking

Track and manage your spend with small and diverse suppliers using our Tier-1 spend tracker.

Economic Impact Reporting

Measure your potential economic impact on a variety of diversity categories.

Diverse Supplier Search

Find small and diverse suppliers around the globe using filters which include diversity classification and location.

Tier-2 Diversity Reporting

Administer your Tier-2 supplier diversity reporting program and stay on top of reporting prime suppliers.

Project Diversity Reporting

Administer your project-based Tier-2 supplier diversity reporting processes and stay on top of reporting prime suppliers.

Diversity Data Enrichment

Identify small and diverse suppliers in your existing supply base through our self-service supplier diversity data enrichment app.

Amazon Business Reporting

Automated  Tier-1 Diversity & Local Spend Reporting Tool for Amazon Business customers.

Build your ultimate supplier management tool