Vendor Payment

Secure, easy-to-use vendor payment software.

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Earn significant rebates on vendor payments

Cost-saving vendor payment software

All suppliers eventually get paid for their products and/or services. Buyers are always looking to keep costs down, and a great way to achieve that is to utilize the SupplierGATEWAY vendor payment software.

The supplier payment app allows you to pay suppliers via automated delivery of virtual cards and earn significant rebates along the way.

Reduce payment errors, save money, and keep your suppliers happy with the SupplierGATEWAY vendor payment software.

Secure Payments

Secure virtual cards can only be used by suppliers you intend to pay.

Convenient Access

Virtual Cards are generated directly from your payment toolkit.

Significant Rebates

Offset your costs and earn rebates from your day to day payment transactions.

Reduce Payment Errors

State-of-the-art supplier payment technology helps reduce payment errors and keep suppliers happy.

Secure, transparent, and intuitive payments

Make vendor payments with confidence

Increase transparency and keep payees in the loop regarding their payment statuses. Enforce user roles, permissions, and restrictions to ensure only the appropriate team members has access to sensitive financial data. Did we mention you will earn significant rebates on every vendor payment?

Procurement Software


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Supplier Pre-Qualification
Strategic Sourcing
Purchase Orders
Vendor Payment

features and add-ons

Supplier Prequalification

Classify and pre-qualify prospective suppliers based on custom data filters.

Sourcing Software

Search for and engage suppliers around the world in our network for 300,000+ suppliers.

Online Requisition System

Powerful online purchase requisition system with customizable business rules and processing.

Vendor Bid System

Conduct online sealed bids and reverse auctions to get the best rates from your suppliers.

Purchase Order Software

Deliver and process supplier purchase orders directly through an integrated supplier portal.

Invoice Management Software

Receive invoices from suppliers directly through your supplier portal. Give suppliers visibility towards their invoice statuses.

Vendor Payment

Make online virtual card payments to suppliers quickly and easily. Earn cash back on every transaction with no minimum commitments.

Build your ultimate supplier management tool